10 Must-Read EDI Topics for Small Businesses

CovalentWorks has recently added new EDI white papers that cover important topics of interest to small businesses who sell to large customers.

The 10 white papers are pdf downloads that are available for free.

Go to EDI white papers for links to all 10 of them.

  1. 3PL Basics for Small Business
    Learn about the benefits of a third party logistics provider (3PL) and how EDI works efficiently with a small business, a 3PL, and the small business’s customers.
  2. Chargebacks and EDI Guide
    The possibility of chargebacks from large customers can be intimidating for small businesses. Learn the common causes of chargebacks, why your customer has them, and best practices for avoiding them.
  3. Common Terms Related to EDI
    This white paper takes the mystery out of EDI jargon. The most common business and technical terms related to EDI are explained. Common acronyms are included.
  4. Electronic Data Interchange Training Basics Guide
    This guide is written for small businesses that are new EDI. It includes an overview, a review of how EDI works for orders, an explanation of why you need EDI, and frequently asked questions.
  5. History of EDI
    EDI is surprisingly long-lived and has been around since the 1960’s. This whitepaper has a time line of major EDI developments from then until today. Why EDI will continue to matter is explained.
  6. How to Evaluate Outsourcing Your EDI Requirements
    If you are contemplating whether to build your own EDI capability or outsource your EDI needs, this white paper is a must-read. Key questions to ask and benefits to consider are covered.
  7. How XML and EDI Helps Improve Supplier Efficiency
    Many small business systems have the ability to interface with XML files. Learn about XML and how it helps increase supplier efficiency.
  8. Overview of EDI in Drop Shipping
    Drop shipping direct to consumers and retail stores is on the rise. Learn how the drop ship process works with EDI and with branded packing slips.
  9. Retailer Buzzwords
    Understanding your customer and the retailer buzzwords they use is covered in this enlightening white paper for suppliers who are new to the retail industry.
  10. Tips for Selling Your Product to Major Accounts
    Discover tips for selling your product to large customers based on experience gleaned from conversations with thousands of successful small businesses.
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