20 Reasons to Switch EDI Providers

Many of our clients have switched to CovalentWorks from another EDI provider. Clients made the change because their provider’s service did not meet their expectations, the solution did not satisfy their needs, or costs were too high.

Here are the 20 most common reasons our clients have given us for switching their EDI provider to CovalentWorks.


  • 1. The client was not happy with the support personnel of their old provider.
  • 2. Implementation of a new EDI partner was taking too long.
  • 3. The client was initially mislead into believing they had to use a certain “preferred” EDI provider. The service, cost, and solution of the old provider did not add up to the value they needed.
  • 4. The EDI provider they were using was acquired by another company and subsequently service had declined, pricing had increased, or both.
  • 5. Little or no online help was available for self service.


  • 6. The EDI software they were using was not supported any longer.
  • 7. Their EDI software was not working anymore and the people who understood how to fix it had left the company.
  • 8. Rather than using EDI software, they had web forms, but the web forms were slow or hard to use. The solution was not scalable as their business grew. There was no capability to quickly do batches of advance ship notices and invoices.
  • 9. They could not download a simple csv file or raw EDI file from their web form pages.
  • 10. EDI Integration with their systems was not available, or was too expensive. Manual data entry into their systems was slow, labor intensive, and prone to errors.
  • 11. The client had a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) and the solution did not meet the needs of the client and their 3PL.
  • 12. A new EDI customer partner they needed was not supported. For example, the client wanted to add Walmart but the old provider did not support them.
  • 13. Their EDI customer had new required EDI transaction types that were not supported.
  • 14. New versions of EDI being used by their EDI customers were not supported.


  • 15. The cost of the old provider was too high.
  • 16. There were expensive add-on fees for additional trading partners, for additional users, or hidden fees they found out about after they started using their old provider. Integration was prohibitively expensive.
  • 17. Their old EDI provider had expensive premium partner fees for some partners which the client found out about when they needed to add a new partner.
  • 18. Upgrades and maintenance to their EDI software were too expensive.
  • 19. Adding a new EDI partner to their software was too expensive.
  • 20. Their old provider required an expensive long-term contract and they preferred a month-to-month service.

Clients switch to CovalentWorks for all of the above reasons. They stay with us because they get the service and solution they need at an affordable cost. Contact us anytime to find out more.

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