Which EDI Solution is Best For Your Operations?

When it comes to electronic data interchange, developing an efficient workflow means finding the best system for you.

The transfer of business documents electronically between trading partners has become an essential part of the modern business environment, but there are several ways to apply EDI successfully. Larger businesses or EDI veterans might value the autonomy of an in-house team that enables data control and just needs a trading partner VAN connection. Small businesses and EDI newcomers without the same time or resources might desire a turnkey solution that has everything in one package.

Guide to EDI Solutions For Your Company

Solutions from CovalentWorks easily connect your company to any trading partner around the world with web-based, cloud EDI solutions. As an EDI supply chain service provider for companies of all sizes, CovalentWorks EDI solutions packages include MyB2B, B2BWorks and EDI VAN, which are tailored to fit a variety of budgets, resource needs, timelines and objectives.

EDI for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

MyB2B is an affordable and complete web-based EDI software solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs or newcomers who need fast compliance with their larger-company customers. It is a turnkey solution that includes web-based software, barcode labels (UCC-128, GS1-128, EAN-128), VAN and technical support available from our United States of America-based solutions team. In addition to phone support, web-based training courses are offered many times per week.

Operated entirely on secure web servers and not requiring EDI software or hardware, an Internet connection is the only thing you need. There are no hidden costs, and monthly fees are as reasonable as a mobile phone bill.

Benefits of MyB2B include inbound EDI transactions translated into easy-to-read documents viewable on any device and improved customer communication. You can generate, edit and send purchase order acknowledgements, prepare advanced shipping notices and create, modify and submit invoices without hassle. Any other document types required by your EDI partner are included as well.

Optimizing Business Productivity

Businesses aiming to optimize productivity can benefit from CovalentWorks’ B2BWorks solution, which eliminates the need for manual data entry by seamlessly integrating your EDI-related applications with those of your customers without expensive software or equipment.

With B2BWorks, EDI transactions are translated into CSV, XML or other file formats to properly integrate with your applications. All versions of UCC-128, GS1-128, EAN-128 barcode labels are fully supported in accordance with your customers’ shipping requirements. Data for the labels is automatically imported from purchase orders and advance shipping notices. When needed, B2BWorks can integrate with your 3PL or third-party warehouse.

Partnering with CovalentWorks to exchange EDI using B2BWorks gives you peace of mind knowing we’re here for you. Our technical support team is located in the United States of America and available to answer all questions and concerns.

As global consumers demand merchandise faster and at more affordable prices, larger businesses have begun requesting product suppliers cut costs by streamlining procurement processes. Reduce order processing, shipping and invoicing costs by eliminating manual data entry labor time, with the B2BWorks solution from CovalentWorks. You will meet customers’ EDI-compliance requirements, standardize transaction processes and share information more easily.

EDI Partner Management & Communication

If you already have your own EDI staff and software but seek affordable partner communication, the EDI VAN solution from CovalentWorks is an ideal fit for you. Our EDI VAN service and EDI hosting can help you develop cost-efficient partner relationships, whether your customers are small, medium or large. As a certified top-tier EDI provider, CovalentWorks will cover all of your EDI VAN needs affordably and efficiently. You pay a low set up fee and simplified monthly fees based on your partner volume.

To optimize the strategic value and investment return of your EDI solution, you need a service that maximizes automation, minimizes manual intervention and smoothly and cost-effectively meets your ever-changing business environment. Find the best EDI solution for your business with assistance from CovalentWorks. Contact us to talk to an EDI expert about your needs.