Thinking of Buying EDI Software? Why You Should Choose a Cloud EDI Provider Instead

Are you considering buying EDI Software? There is a great chance you do not have to.

Why You Need EDI in the First Place

The investigation of purchasing EDI software is usually started by a new customer that requires EDI compliance.

So the first question is “Does your customer required EDI compliance?” It is widely required in the United States and Canada. EDI compliance is required by most big box retailers and many big customers in other industries such as automotive, healthcare, government, grocery, pharmacy, industrial, and transportation. If you can not demonstrate the EDI capability necessary for compliance, then many of these companies will not buy from you, no exceptions.

If you are selling internationally, things may be different. EDI is not required as often by companies outside the United States and Canada. According a 2013 Vanson Bourne B2B and MFT Global Study, which included interviews with 650 senior level IT executives from 8 countries and 7 industries, 84% of their purchase and invoice transactions are not done electronically. Instead 32% of transactions are done using email, 26% use fax/snail mail, and 26% of transactions are done over the phone. So if your customer is outside the United States and Canada, you may not have to be EDI compliant.

Why You Should Choose an EDI Provider Instead of Buying Software

However, if your customer requires EDI compliance, do you have to buy EDI software? Fortunately, the answer can still be “no.”

Instead of buying EDI software, you can use a cloud EDI provider that includes not only EDI software, but everything else you need to be in compliance with your customer’s requirements. With a cloud EDI provider like CovalentWorks, you get an EDI solution that is as Easy as Email&#174, making compliance simple and not a headache.

    • Cloud EDI offers a complete, affordable EDI solution
    • Easy compliance with your customer’s requirements
    • Avoid expensive up-front software investment

CovalentWorks has implemented thousands of EDI customers for our clients. None of them had to buy and maintain any EDI software or hire expensive EDI technical experts. Contact us anytime to find out more about our EDI cloud service.

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