Common 3PL Warehouse EDI Transactions

The last post discussed EDI integration with a 3PL. Here are the most common 3PL warehouse EDI transactions exchanged between an integrated supplier and a 3PL:

Warehouse Shipping Order

This is typically a request for shipment from the supplier to the 3PL warehouse and is based on the order that the supplier received from their customer. Information on the warehouse shipping order usually includes the destination, shipping method, quantities, and item numbers.

Warehouse Shipping Advice

This is a notice from the 3PL warehouse to the supplier letting the supplier know that a shipment has been sent. The Warehouse Shipping Advice typically has the same information has an Advance Ship Notice (see below).

ASN (Advance Shipping Notice)

This is an electronic packing slip that informs a buyer that a supplier’s shipment is on the way and describes the contents of the shipment. The ASN may be sent either by the supplier or the supplier’s 3PL warehouse. In some cases, the warehouse sends a Warehouse Shipping Advice which the supplier then turns into an ASN and sends to their customer.

Warehouse Receipt Advice

This is a notice sent from the 3PL warehouse to the supplier advising that inventory has has arrived and provides detailed quantities information.

Functional Acknowledgment

Used specifically in an EDI environment, the Functional Acknowledgment tells the sender of an EDI transction that the receiver of a transaction did in receive get the transaction.

Read more about these electronic documents here EDI transactions.

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