Common Business Acronyms Related to EDI

Today’s post covers common business acronyms related to EDI that are frequently encountered by small businesses. This is the third of a four part series. The post next week will cover EDI technical acronyms.

3PL – Third Party Logistics provider. Services provided may include warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack, shipping preparation, transportation, and freight forwarding.

B2B – Business to Business. Refers to processes between two companies such as between a retailer and a supplier.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP is a series of integrated software applications to manage product planning, product development, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. EDI transactions can be integrated with an ERP system to reduce manual labor, increase speed, and increase accuracy.

GS1 – GS1 is a non-profit organization that administers supply chain standards. UCC and UCP codes are purchased from GS1.

VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory. A business arrangement between a customer and a supplier in which the supplier assumes responsibility for monitoring the customer’s inventory levels and providing additional items as needed.

SCAC – Standard Carrier Alpha Code. Consists of 4 characters that identify a specific transportation carrier. For example, YFSY is the SCAC for Yellow Freight System.

UCC – Uniform Code Council. The UCC was renamed GS1 in 2005.

UPC – Uniform Product Code. Is a unique identifier for a single product. A UPC is a number and an associated barcode that is issued by GS1.

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