CovalentWorks Is Moving to Larger Offices

This week is move week here at CovalentWorks.

2013 has been another year of growth and we outgrew our office space.

Our new location is twice as big as our old space and built to better meet the needs of employees. Everyone will have more room in their work area. Alcoves for collaboration have been added.

The move will be completed before Thanksgiving. The new offices are in the same building and fortunately the company address has not changed.

Not only had we run out of room, but company client service demands were more than our phone system could comfortably handle. A new phone system was implemented a few weeks ago.

Our phone number is the same, but everyone’s extension has changed from two digits to three digits. You can get the new extension numbers from the phone system menu or from the person’s email signature.

CovalentWorks Is Moving to Larger Offices by

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