Cyber Monday and EDI

Cyber Monday, the Monday shopping day following Thanksgiving, promises to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Though not as big as Black Friday’s sales of $11.2 billion in 2012, Cyber Monday is rapidly gaining ground.

Here is the trend – In 2010, comScore reported Cyber Monday sales of just over $1 billion for the day. Sales exceeded $1,5 billion in 2012 and over one million ecommerce transactions according to an IBM report. Adobe is predicting just over $2.2 billion for 2013. That’s an increase of 120% in just 3 years.

Some merchants were caught by surprise last year when throngs of shoppers converged on their web site in just one day. The sales they lost prompted them to improve scalability for this year.

EDI plays a behind the scenes roll in making Cyber Monday a success by facilitating fast and efficient transactions needed to get merchandise into the hands of eager shoppers. Many suppliers drop ship directly to consumers as the orders roll into retailers’ web sites. Other suppliers ship during October and November to the retailer’s distribution centers in anticipation of the surge.

Check out my EDI blog series on drop shipping to find out more about its unique requirements. Click on the EDI blog links to the right under Recent Posts, Archives, and Categories of my EDI blog for more on how EDI is used in shipping to retailers.

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