Drop Shipping Part 3 – Branded Packing Slips

Many customers will require the supplier to include branded packing slips in the shipment when drop shipping products directly to a consumer.

What Are Branded Packing Slips?

A branded packing slip is a hard-copy document that is included in the carton sent to the end consumer. It specifies what is in the carton and it carries branding information such as a logo.

For example, a carton that is drop shipped to a consumer from a supplier to Best Buy will have a branded packing slip that meets Best Buy’s specifications. To the consumer, it looks as though the carton came directly from Best Buy.

In addition to an approved logo or logos, the branded packing slip will also contain other important information, including the purchase order number for the shipment, the total number of items contained in the shipment, and the name/part number/item number for each item in the shipment.

Packing slips can also contain a host of other information, including item-specific handling directions, phone numbers to call, instructions for returns and return labels.

Data Entry

Creating packing slips of any type requires accurate data entry on the shipper’s end. From the shipping address to order quantities, item numbers and product description, most of this information must either be entered by hand, which leaves room for errors, or input through an automated interface.

The right EDI ordering system allows businesses to utilize the data on the customer’s purchase order for the branded packing slips, saving time and avoiding potential problems.

For larger quantities of orders, the purchase orders, pick lists, branded packing slips, and EDI Advance Ship Notices must all be coordinated efficiently.


Examples of branded packing slips can be found here: branded packing slips.

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