EDI Compliance for Target Canada

Target Canada opened stores in three Ontario communities last Tuesday, March 5. 21 stores will be open in Ontario by the end of the month. Target’s aggressive plans include 124 new stores in Canadian provinces before the end of the year. A total of 200 stores are scheduled over the next decade. Sales over the period are projected to be $10 billion US.

All suppliers are required to be EDI (electronic data interchange) compliant. The following documents are required:

810 Invoice
850 Purchase Order
856 Advance Ship Notice
860 Purchase Order Change
• 864 Text Message
997 Functional Acknowledgement
• GS1-128 Barcode Shipping Labels

The 852 Product Activity Data, 870 Order Status Report and 820 Remittance Advice document types are optional.

The EDI requirements for Target Canada are similar to Target US. However there are important differences.

Target Canada uses ANSI X-12 version 5010 while Target US employs version 4010. Although US suppliers will be paid in US dollars, all invoices have additional Canadian tax field requirements, even if the tax amount is zero.

Target Canada requires that all EDI documents be exchanged with an interconnect to GXS, but Target US has the option of exchanging documents either through AS/2 or GXS. Like the US version, Canada has different specifications for domestic vs. international suppliers.

CovalentWorks has extensive experience with all these requirements. Clients are provided with a complete and easy-to-use EDI service delivered from the cloud. They do not have to worry about any of the EDI technology headaches. Just let us know if we can be of assistance.

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