Avoid EDI Difficulties

You may have heard horror stories about EDI. EDI is indeed a technology with many layers of complexity. Choosing the right EDI provider can insulate you from the complexities. Thousands of clients have found that CovalentWorks makes EDI as Easy as email®.

Here are some of the headaches we take care of:

  • Every trading partner has different specifications. No two are alike. Each trading partner’s specifications have to be mapped to business documents and tested. Mapping is further complicated because trading partners do not all use the same version of EDI and they do not all use the same transaction types.
  • Every trading partner has different testing procedures. Some will send a test order to begin the process while others will wait for a live order. Some have an informal process with one analyst, others have a strict procedure and several people involved. Still others have a web site for testing.

See my blog post from July 8th for more details on the challenges of implementing EDI transactions with trading partners.

Knowledgeable support specific to each trading partner is required after implementation is completed. You can read more about what makes for good EDI support in my post last week.

EDI does not have be difficult. CovalentWorks provides complete EDI solution delivered from the cloud.
EDI software is accessed via the web. Software installation is not needed. All you need is internet access. Implementation, testing, maintenance and support with any trading partner are all included.

Contact us anytime to find out more about how we can handle the headaches of EDI for your small business.

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