Faster Advance Ship Notices

Last week’s blog entry reviewed why your customers require you send them Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s). This week we will look at how to make the production of ASN’s faster for your company.

We have two services to speed up ASN’s, MyB2B and B2BWorks.


MyB2B is a web-based EDI service that handles all of your customer’s EDI transaction types including ASN’s. EDI software and everything needed for a complete solution is accessed from the cloud. The web forms for ASN’s have been designed for ease of use and for speeding up the ASN process. Features include:

    • ASN’s are designed specifically for ease of use with every customer’s individual requirements. Over 1,600 trading partner customers of our clients have been implemented.
    • Data entry time is reduced by data from purchase orders being automatically filled in for you on the ASN. Fields that are not on purchase orders but which are always the same can be set up to be auto-filled.

  • Multiple ASN’s can be created from multiple purchase orders for repetitive orders with similar ASN’s every time.
  • If required by your customer, multiple purchase orders can be included on one ASN.
  • ASN’s for every shipping path are pre-configured for ease of use, including ASN’s for shipment direct to store, shipment to distribution centers, shipment to distribution center and mark for store, etc.
  • Getting carton packing information into ASN’s is made faster by several available auto-pack options including fixed quantity pack, single line pack, pick and pack, one-item pack, and custom pack. Weight, if required, can be calculated automatically.
  • Label printing is fast and easy. GS1-128 carton labels that correspond to ASN’s are easy to print anytime from a pdf file or web browser or you can email them to someone else to print. You choose the printer.
  • An interface with UPS and Federal Express is available to speed up shipping label production. Where permitted by your customer, the UPS or Federal Express information can be combined with the GS1-128 information onto one combined label, saving you time and making the placement of labels easier.
  • Custom packing slips are included if required by your customer.


B2BWorks interfaces with your system to automatically create ASN’s from information stored in your systems. It can also create GS1-128 carton labels to go with the ASN’s if needed. The B2BWorks interface eliminates manual intervention in the ASN creation process, saving time and making the production of ASN’s even faster.

Multiple file formats are available to interface with most any system.

Both MyB2B and B2BWorks include friendly and knowledgeable support. Training videos are available online whenever you need them.

Contact us anytime to find out more about how we can assist your small business.

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