What is good EDI support?

EDI technology has many layers. Some have even called it a monstrosity of technical complexity. Good EDI support takes care of the complicated technical layers so that users get the assistance they need, when they need it.

Good EDI support:

  • Provides complete answers to questions in terminology users can understand. “One and done” answers should be the norm.
  • Has online help for common questions and trading partner specific requirements. It also has training videos that are available whenever needed.
  • Includes a support organization that has transparent systems so that anyone in the support group knows the latest on a given client’s status and needs. It eliminates the need to wait on one person in the group to answer a client’s questions.

Good EDI support is built on top of EDI software and communication systems that reduces the need for support by:

  • Being fast and reliable 24 x 7
  • Providing extensive online reporting such as displaying transaction history, matching sent transactions with incoming transactions, and showing the acknowledgment status of transactions sent to trading partners.

Because every EDI trading partner has unique EDI compliance requirements, good support also includes efficiently and accurately implementing new partners.

At CovalentWorks we strive every day to make EDI as Easy as email® by providing the EDI support expected by our small business clients and their trading partners. Contact us anytime to find out more.

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