Home Depot EDI Update

The last several blog posts have covered changes in the retail sales landscape and especially the growth of online and mobile sales. Home Depot is an example of a retailer that has aggressive plans for benefiting from these trends and responding to Amazon’s growth.

Home Depot’s online sales increased 50% last year but were only 3% of total sales leaving plenty of room for further growth. Recent ecommerce acquisitions include Blinds.com and Redbeacon. The newly appointed retail president, Craig Menear, was promoted from head of merchandising which included responsibility for online sales.

Profitable growth is supported by specialized order processes and more distribution centers. Home Depot EDI orders include ship-to-distribution center, ship-to-store, consignment (also known as pay by scan), and online orders from Home Depot’s web site. Both Canadian and United States suppliers are now included.

New distribution centers have been built and the entire distribution process has been made more efficient. Home Depot EDI advance ship notices are among the most varied among retailers and now include single purchase order and multiple purchase orders for small packages as well as pallets.

EDI advance ship notice transactions support shipments sent directly to stores, to RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centers) for cartons under 8 feet, to SDC’s (Specialized Distribution Centers) for non-carton or irregularly shaped items, and to FDC’s (Flatbed Distribution Centers) for building supplies delivered by flatbed trucks. Some online Home Depot orders are drop shipped straight to consumers, bypassing the stores and distribution centers entirely.

Home Depot EDI was upgraded to version 4060 some time ago and includes the following transaction types:

  • 753 Request Routing Instructions
  • 754 Routing Instructions
  • 810 Invoice
  • 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • 820 Payment Remittance Advice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 852 Product Data Activity
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice
  • 860 Purchase Order Change
  • 864 Text Message
  • 870 Purchase Order Change
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment

Contact us anytime to find out more about EDI service for Home Depot that is tailored specifically to the needs of small business suppliers.

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