Mythbusters: EDI Edition

Today we will be debunking some of the most common EDI myths.

Myth #1: We need to have an EDI technical expert on our staff to be successful

Not true: With EDI solutions from CovalentWorks you will not need to hire any special EDI staff. Our experts do all of the implementation including the mapping and taking care of all of the testing with each trading partner that your company uses. Adding a new trading partner is as easy as filling out a brief form. Production monitoring, maintenance and software upgrades are also included.

Myth #2: You have to buy and install EDI software to be EDI capable

Not true: There is no software to buy or install with either our MyB2B or B2BWorks software as a service delivered from the cloud. Everything runs on secure servers accessible with any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet.

Myth #3: EDI is expensive

Not true: Turnkey EDI service from CovalentWorks is as affordable as a cell phone and you will not have you commit to a long term contract. Everything required for a complete solution is included and there are no hidden fees.

Myth #4: EDI takes a long time to implement

Not true: EDI with CovalentWorks typically takes 2 to 7 business days to implement and test. Our team will implement all of the EDI transactions to fulfill your customer’s requirements. Customer Care will set your company up, establish proper EDI communication with your customer, and test all of the required EDI transactions for complete compliance with the unique requirements of each one of your customers.

Myth #5: You have to use the same EDI provider as your trading partner

Not true: Despite what you may have been told, or what may have been implied, you have a choice of which EDI provider to use just as you have a choice of whom to use for your other products and services. Ultimately you trading partner wants you to deliver great value by being in control of your product, your costs and the solutions you use. Freedom of choice is the foundation of competition in America. Do not be fooled by anyone trying to tell you otherwise.

Myth #6: Using the same EDI provider as your trading partner will be less expensive

Not true: This is an EDI myth that can cost you thousands of dollars. CovalentWorks pricing is very competitive and in almost all cases will be considerably less expensive than the EDI provider your large customer uses. The reasons are that we are very focused on the needs of small companies that do business with large companies, we do not try to sell software separately, and our thousands of clients provide economies of scale from which we pass on the savings to our clients.

One of our experts will be glad to review your situation and give you a complete picture of the costs. You can also arrange for a personalized demo of features that make EDI easy and save you valuable time.

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