Purchase Orders and You


The primary purpose of EDI purchase orders (PO’s or 850 type EDI transactions) is controlling the purchasing of products and services from 3rd party suppliers. A purchase order is a document that is issued by a buyer to a seller which indicates the quantities, types, descriptions and prices for products that the buyer agrees to buy from the seller. Delivery and billing information is typically included as well.

Orders Vary from Customer to Customer

When a buyer sends a PO to a supplier it creates a legal offer to buy products or services under the terms of an agreement that is already in place between the two parties. Although the purpose of a PO is straight forward, there are subtle differences between PO’s from different EDI trading partners because every trading partner runs their business according to their business rules and because every trading partner has unique ecommerce systems. CovalentWorks takes care of these differences and provides clients with an easy to use solution.

Receiving Orders

Accessing you purchase orders through CovalentWorks EDI service is very simple and easy. Email notifications are sent to you informing you that a purchase order has arrived. Or you can log onto the MyB2B home page at anytime to view your orders. Advanced search and reporting capability will show you recent orders, your order history, which orders you have shipped, which orders have been billed, and other useful information.

You can read more about EDI purchase orders here EDI 850

Automated interfaces are available to automatically enter orders into your systems, and if necessary, to enter orders into your third warehouse/logistics provider’s systems.

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