EDI Integration with QuickBooks

Tired of time consuming manual entry?

If you are tired of manually having to enter EDI orders, invoices, purchase orders, etc. into your accounting system, the CovalentWorks QuickBooks Data Integrator solution is an easy and cost effective answer to your problems. You can be assured of a quality implementation because the CovalentWorks QuickBooks EDI solution is certified by Intuit, the company that created QuickBooks.

Easy to Use

EDI integration with QuickBooks is fast and easy to use. With the QuickBooks Data Integrator you are able to become compliant with any EDI customer’s requirements while directly integrating EDI transactions with any version of QuickBooks.  By eliminating the manual key entries of EDI purchase orders and invoices, you will save considerable time and frustration. The ease of use and validation of transactions of the solution will also help you avoid costly chargebacks from customers that impose penalties on suppliers that send incorrect data in their EDI documents.

Purchase Orders and Invoices

EDI purchase orders and invoices can be interfaced anytime and to any computer you use. Purchase order information such as the item, quantity, price, requested date of shipment, PO date, and more are all imported and may be printed. ASN’s (Advance Ship Notices) are supported as well. Our QuickBooks solution supports compliance with any customer in any industry including retail, grocery, pharmacy, automotive, industrial etc.

There is no special EDI software, no complicated maps and no special hardware to install. The QuickBooks interface is web-based and runs on secure and stable servers which are accessible anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in the CovalentWorks QuickBooks Accounting Integrator or integration with other systems, request a quote here on the web site or give us a call at 800-496-3380. Thank you for reading our blog and don’t forget to subscribe!

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