Tesla Motors’ EDI Innovations

On May 29, 2013 Tesla Motors stock price broke through the ceiling of $100 per share and closed at $110.33. This year’s steep climb in stock price began in January at $35 per share.

Tesla’s innovations are impressing a wide audience.

Financial analysts appreciate the report of a profitable first quarter and the pay off of a $465 million loan. Consumer Reports called the Tesla Model S the best car it had ever tested with a score of 99 out of a possible 100.

Industry analysts note that Tesla is taking market share, growing leasing opportunities, making sales in Europe where higher gas prices increase the positive economics of electric car ownership, and has an impressive roster of new models in the pipeline.

And guess what? Tesla is impressing the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) audience as well. Suppliers receive Detailed Planning Schedules (832 document) so they can plan their production efficiently. Significantly, the Planning Schedules are then supplemented by Tesla with detailed Shipping Schedules (862 documents) that provide precise shipping schedule requirements.

Advance Ship Notices (856 documents) give Tesla the exact contents of shipments and Invoices (810 documents) reduce the order to cash cycle time for suppliers.

Tesla EDI documents are closely coordinated with leading edge shipping labels that incorporate 2D barcode labels, also known as Matrix Code labels. The 2D barcodes can hold anywhere from 10 times to 100 times as much information as the more conventional 1D barcodes. You can see a sample here Tesla 2D barcode label

Container barcode labels are used on all containers including boxes, cartons, drums, rolls, racks, bags etc. Master labels are affixed to pallets of containers.

Tesla Motors is managing supplier and customer relationships with aplomb. We look forward to continuing our liaison with their EDI department and with suppliers seeking an experienced EDI provider.

Next Tuesday, June 18th, the Drop Shipping series will resume with Part 3.

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