Trading Partner EDI Updates

Trading partners of small businesses change their EDI compliance requirements from time to time. Here are a few notable changes for the summer of 2014. Import Vendors used to exchange order information with import vendors using email and fax. The requirements have changed. Now order information with import vendors must be exchanged using EDI documents. Even If your import company already does business with Target Stores, you will need to have set up because the EDI ID used for is different from the ID used for Target Stores.

Currently the mandatory document types are an 850 purchase order and an 860 purchase order change. Although other document types are not yet required, document types used by domestic vendors such as advance ship notices, invoices and inventory update will probably be added in the future.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue was recently acquired by Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and EDI operations are being standardized across the combined companies’ supply chain technologies. Vendor numbers are changing and new store numbers are being used for both Saks Fifth Avenue and for Saks OFF 5th stores. Bill of Lading and Tracking information continues to be a stringent requirement for Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s) and Invoices. The Billing of Lading information on ASN’s and Invoices must match.

Two new transaction types are being added. Saks will start sending 824 Application Advice EDI documents to communicate EDI errors to speed up response from suppliers and EDI 180 Return Merchandise and Notification EDI documents will be sent so that detailed information can be sent by Saks concerning returns.


McKesson Corp has added to new requirements for suppliers who send them Advance Ship Notices. The ASN’s for products regulated by the FDA now have to include product strength, product dosage, container size, and a statement concerning the tractability of the product through ownership changes. Read more about McKesson and other trading partners affected by FDA regulations in this blog post – ASN Changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

CovalentWorks EDI solutions keep up with the changing EDI requirements from our clients’ trading partners. Contact us anytime to find out more about how we can assist your small business by handling EDI headaches for you.

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