What Do I Need to Know About EDI VAN Service?

What is it?

The EDI VAN (Value Added Network) is a third party network that provides the service of exchanging EDI information between partners. The EDI information is exchanged quickly, securely and reliably. The VAN includes services such as providing electronic mailboxes for EDI transmissions and keeping records for audit tracking.

Most, but not all, EDI trading partners require their suppliers to use a VAN as part of the supplier’s EDI solution. Trading partners that do not require EDI VAN service will usually require AS/2 communication and a very few will specify FTP communication. We support all of those methods, but AS/2 and FTP are topics for another post.

Choosing an EDI VAN supplier

A common misunderstanding is that the supplier has to use the same EDI VAN provider as their trading partner. However, this is not the case. EDI VANs interconnect with each other which means you can choose your own EDI provider based on your needs and budget.

The reason VANs interconnect is that suppliers would have to potentially contract with a different VAN for every trading partner they do business with if VANs did not interconnect. This would quickly become both expensive and labor intensive. Instead, cooperation and interconnects between VANs are the accepted business practice which helps to keep supply chain complexity and costs under control.

What Do You Offer?

With CovalentWorks, our VAN service is able to set you up with any EDI trading partner, no matter where they are in the world or which EDI VAN service they may use. The last time we counted, there were over one hundred and sixty thousand trading partners. VAN service is seamlessly included in MyB2B and B2BWorks at no extra charge, or can be purchased separately if you have your own EDI software and support staff.

For more information or technical support, contact our customer support anytime at customercare@covalentworks.com or call us anytime at 1-800-496-3380.

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