The Year in Review

2013 was a good year for small businesses with unique products and strong customer relationships. And it was a year of evolution for our growing small business clients. We assisted them by adding to their web-based EDI service:

  • More EDI customers
  • Additional EDI transaction types required by their customers
  • Integration with their accounting system
  • Integration with their 3PL
  • Drop shipping capability

CovalentWorks moved to larger offices to support a growing client base as well as continuing to invest in computing power and industrial-strength EDI software service that is available via the cloud 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

In mid-January I committed to publishing a blog post every week. Here are some of the more popular weekly topics:

Improving your small business – Many readers were interested in how vendor scorecards work as well as the four part series on chargebacks, the importance of on-time deliveries, and executing the perfect order. I also covered why outsourcing by small businesses continues to grow.

Third Party Logistics Providers – Many of our clients use 3PLs and third-party warehouses or are considering employing the services of one. They found the series on 3PL topics that ran every week in July useful.

Drop Ship – This year more of our clients and prospective clients were being asked to drop ship directly to the customers of their retail trading partners. The three part series on drop shipping that ran in late May and early June had a wide audience.

Evolution of EDI – Although EDI is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses both big and small, EDI is a new topic that many small businesses have never heard of. So I covered the history of EDI, myths about the subject, why it will continue to matter to small businesses, and turnkey solutions that take the pain out of EDI.

Changes in Retail – Online sales and the use of mobile devices by consumers were important news in 2013. Recent posts included Cyber Monday and EDI, Online Retail Sales Cross Tipping Points, and Mobile Devices and Holiday Online Retail Sales.

Altogether there were 49 posts. They are organized by category in the links over to the right on this page.

Happy New Year! Stay tuned for more posts every Tuesday on topics of interest to small businesses.

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